Thursday, March 21, 2013

Whatcha Been Drawing?

Nana wants to know what Tess has been drawing lately:

Arthur and DW

Aliens visiting other planets with their space ships

My Little Ponies

A tribute to solitude

Experiments with a black fine point Sharpie marker.

Rudolph's internal GPS seems to be off.

A romantic dinner date.  
The dance floor is waiting for them as a waitress takes their order.

A home scene:  taking care of baby brother.

Another trip to the doctor.

A study of a princesses and their sidekicks in black Sharpie and paints.  
Tess likes that she can draw detail with the Sharpie and then color with the paint, without the picture smearing.  


Nana and Papa said...

I am loving every picture and the fabulous detail in each. The keys on the windup toys for the baby are marvelous. And, I am laughing out loud at Rudolph. Looks like he could qualify for a DWI!

Thanks so much for posting.

xxoo Nana

Dipsy said...

Every one of these pictures is a gem! Her eye for detail is way beyond her years. Love you, tessie

Marzipan said...

Amazing! The wind-up bird is my favorite part. Guess she'll need another publication soon!

ML said...

I love the princess series. I know you do too, heh, heh. Seriously talented, that girl.

Miranda S. Murdock said...

Wow she amazing. Love all her drawing!