Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting to Hope You Like Me

Life goes on here at the Higginbotham household.

One more Enrichment night many more to go? For October we did a mystery theater night, which turned out to be more stress than anticipated. We ended up doing a murder mystery, and it wasn't until the end that everyone found out the storyline was based on the murder of the Chief Judge in Helaman 8-9 (those Gadianton robbers are the BoM mob, after all). Everyone had a good time and got into their parts, and I'm glad to be finished with it.

Everyone brought spooky treats, so I whipped up witch-finger breadsticks w/ "bloody" marinara sauce. The fingers went fast--I was surprised anyone was willing to eat them!

In other news that I should have posted by now, Ry received this spiffy award at work (along with a nice little bonus). We sure love our Ry Guy!

Tess is still gearing up for Halloween (though she doesn't really know what that is yet). She had fun decorating cards for her grandparents. Have to make sure everyone is feeling the Halloween spirit!

We've had amazing fall weather the past couple days. Tess and I spend long hours at the park, not wanting to go home!


I was talking to Reen recently and she lamented that she doesn't really "know" Tess. Have I not been doing an adequate job of conveying her personality through this blog? I know it's a limited medium--or maybe I just have a demanding sister!

I'll try to post more Tess-esque moments--be careful what you wish for!

These are the same 2 CD's, over and over again.
One is her lullaby CD, the other is a CD she's simply titled "FUN!"





Dipsy said...

These videos are so cute. I could watch them over and over. They make me feel like I am there with her.

Maureen said...

How on earth did I miss this post?! Glad I went perusing through your dusty files. I love all the video clips :) Especially her saying "hi, bye."

Love you guys!