Thursday, January 29, 2009

I think Tess would live upside down if she could.
She finds the world fascinating from that vantage point.


Mary Lou said...

Your baby is going to be a trapeze artist (the nice kind . . . not the way YOU were with a trapeze) And she'll get to wear sequins to work (you won't be the only one anymore, Ryan, heh, heh)

Maureen said...

That looks like fun! It reminds me of when you used to pretend to be a mechanical toy that gave us rides: "Put a quar-ter in the slot. Put a quar-ter in the slot." LOL.

Ryan and Miriam said...

Yeah, if only those had been real quarters, I'd be living high on the hog!


Leslie said...

Miriam, I think Tess is so lucky to have such a fun mom who plays with her so much! You make me feel boring (but in a very motivational/inspirational way, haha).

I can tell that you really appreciate motherhood, which is awesome.