Sunday, December 14, 2008

One Year Older, and Wiser Too!

What a special day it's been! Our little Tessiepie is now officially one year old! I've been dreading this day for some time now. One year old--that's really not a baby anymore.

But then she got sick last week. She was running a temperature for six days straight--not sleeping well at nights and keeping me up. It was a small reminder of what she was like as a newborn. I was so exhausted all the time! I am SO happy we are past that point. I guess I don't really want her to be a baby again. She's much more fun when she sleeps at night (and so am I!).

So today we've been celebrating how grateful we are to have Tessie. It's been a difficult and challenging year in many ways, but Tess has brought so much joy into our lives. It's been a rewarding and immensely fulfilling time in my life. We are so blessed to have our Tess.

Tess was a very good girl at church today. She is a social bug and she loves going to church. Today she wore her special Christmas dress from Nana & Papa. She looks so grown up in it.

After church we took cupcakes to some of her little friends in the ward. The kids in our ward are so good with her. They are patient, gentle and kind to her. Some of the little girls think she's just a big baby doll to play with. Here are some pics from our ward Christmas party last night:

I made her friends monkey cupcakes and we dropped them off with the following poem. They were a big hit!

Maia (in full princess regalia). She also had a birthday this week, so she knows how special December birthdays are!

Sean and Wesley~Sean scarfed down half the cupcake before I could snap a picture.
He took great delight in eating the monkey's face!

Grace~Gracie is so sweet to Tess! Every time she sees Tess, Grace lights up with a huge smile and rushes over to say hi! She'll get right down on the floor to play with Tess and she always shares her toys. Today during sacrament meeting, Grace kept Tess well supplied with Cheerios passed over top of the pew. It's no wonder Tess gets excited when she sees Grace!

After we delivered our cupcakes, Nana and Papa came over for a birthday visit. Tess adores her Nana and Papa!

She got in lots of grandparent hugs and Papa tested her to see if she was ready to take her first steps (not even close!).

She opened her present from Nana & Papa--a baby doll, which she was quite pleased with. She even gave the baby a kiss (She kisses things by licking them. On a good day, my cheeks are soggy.)

Then Tess devoured her own cupcake. She was not shy about it.

Going. . . Going . . .


Tess got some other fun presents, too: a couple of snuggly hats my friend Jenny crocheted for her; some stylin' new duds from her Dipsy & Papa Murdock; and a sweet album from her Aunt Maureen.

And now Tess is all comfy, cozy in her bed--ASLEEP! Hallelujah! We made it through a whole year, and she's still alive, and she's ASLEEP! Now that's something to be grateful for!

The tree pic I promised Mom!
Love you, Mom!


Maureen said...

She is a delight! The cupcake shirt is simply irresistible. I also like her Christmas tree tights. Do you think I could find a pair in size C for myself?

I need details on those monkey treats. How did you make their nostrils? They're so great!

This little one-year-old makes me happy.

Love you, Tessabelle!

Ann said...

Hello to my skinny sister-in-law and mom!!!!! What happened to you guys since I left????? I cannot believe those pictures!

And darling monkey cupcakes! What a fun idea. I bet the kids love Tess even more now! :)

Happy Birthday Tessie! This year did fly by. And beautiful tree!

Fun post!

Shari said...

Oh my gosh! I was thinking the same thing as Ann! You both are getting so thin! Woohoo, great job.

Happy Bday to Tess. Love those cute hats and clothes.

Leslie said...

Happy happy birthday Tess! Love the cupcakes and all the new duds!